New CEO: Tomas Ahlqvist

The 3rd of August 2020 Tomas Ahlqvist took position as new CEO for Open Metering AB. Tomas has vast experience regarding the IT-business and sales were his most recent position at Nova Software AB were he worked as key account manager, primarily towards large accounts. Tomas Ahlqvist will work closely together with Fredrik Beckman in order to continue Open Meterings development, focusing on sales.  of course with our open interface, our intuitive and easy to understand application free of all locking effects, regardless of your choice of hardware. Fredrik Beckman will continue as COO and responsibility regarding markets and sales.

Tomas Ahlqvist says: "An exiting company and business with businessorganizations that constantly evolves towards future visions were we are a part of that future. Open Metering AB has a lot to bring to the table regarding individual measuring and IoT with its advanced and at the same time intuitive software.




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