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99 SEK/year
for each locality, apartmen or house
with five different meters or sensors
and up to one reading an hour for each utility

We can help you with measurment of

  • Cold and hot water for household or business
  • Electricity for household or business
  • Charging posts for cars
  • Heat or radiators
  • Temperature and relative air humidity
  • Battery status for smoke detectors
  • Measurements of prescense (passage and Physical prescense)
  • Watermeasurements for waterplants
to get
  • Data for billing
  • cotrol of all consumption in real estates
  • 3D visualization of building climate
  • Alerts for deviating behavior
and much more.


The 1st of april 2019  Fredrik Beckman took position as CEO for Open Metering AB. Fredrik has vast experience regarding energyconumption and measuring were his most recent position at Props Utility Solutions AB were vice President of Sales. And with this a new era starts for the company as we expand in numerous directions, but of coure with our open interface, our intuitive and easy to understand application free of all locking effects, regardless of your choice of hardware.

Fredrik Beckman says: "It feels fantastic to start as CEO in a company giving me new challenges that my past has given me experience enough to be well prepared to welcome!. Together with skilled colleagues and already secured investmentfunds we will make sure that OpenMetering rapidly will grow fast"

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